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Together we are striving for financial wellness and living amazing lives. Join us!

Your Amazing Financial Life

We bring together passionate young adults just like yourself and help them master the intimidating world of money, simplify confusing financial decisions,
and manage their expenses all while hanging out with fun, like-minded people working towards one common goal (the best goal in our opinion): living an AMAZING life. Together we are a community that lives our values. We work to take care of ourselves, add to the strength of our world, and spend with purpose!

South Bay Financial Partners

We are South Bay Financial Partners. With over 25 years of experience in the financial planning industry, we have extensive knowledge in making challenging day to day money decisions, managing debt, investing, taxes, insurance, estate planning, and dealing with retirement transitions.

Every member of our seven person team has a special super power to bring you excellent service. We cannot wait to meet you at one of our Virtual Wine & Cheese events!

Why Join Us?

We can promise you an AMAZING Financial Life. We believe that everyone should have access to quality financial planning at an affordable price. If you've ever felt ashamed, embarrassed, afraid, or confused about your financial journey, you've come to the right community. We will wipe away those feelings and replace them with confidence, relief, and joy. We've got your back!

A Big Thanks!

Thank YOU for being here! We firmly believe that we are all better and smarter as a group then we could possibly be as individuals. Take time to get to know some of the other members and share your learning experiences, Support them when they are struggling just as they will help you, and cheer them on when life is amazing, as we will cheer you during your amazing moments! Thanks for sharing your time and amazing life with us!